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Betrouwbaarheid en comfort boven alles

Reliability and comfort above all

Anyone who uses our services can count on a perfect experience. Both the drivers we transport to their destination and our 'direct clients': usually the PA or executive secretary. Reliability and comfort come first. Reliability in the sense of problem-solving ability, safety, punctuality, integrity, representativeness and financial handling. A request is not easily too much – not if it comes at unusual times, not if it disrupts previous plans. Comfort means driving pleasure, the familiar face in the mirror of a driver who knows his place, care and service as expressions of hospitality. But comfort is also: mental peace - knowing that everything is going according to plan, that stress about time and place is unnecessary, and privacy is self-evident, and that a meaningful conversation with the driver is just as possible as working in silence or relaxing in the back seat.

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